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Motorcycle Rider Training Australia

We are family owned, passionate and dedicated to ensuring our learner motorcycle riders are not only trained to ride according to QLD Laws but also to ensure safety on the road.  Browse our extensive range of courses which cover Q-Ride options through to safety, maintenance, adventure courses and more.  Learn something new, gain experience, or extend your skills.  Bring your own motorbike or use one of our training bikes for a minimal fee.

Qride logo motorbike licence Brisbane

Qride Courses

10:45am-5pm over 2 days

(Mon/Tue or Thurs/Fri)


10:45am-5pm over 2 days (Sat/Sun)

From $349.00

06:45am-2:30pm over 1 day

Monday, Wednesday or Saturday - Occasional Sunday

From $265.00

06:45am - 10:30am

Friday or Saturday

From $199.00

General Training Courses

2 hour session

From $110.00


Service. Expertise. Safety.


Select from an extensive range of training for all levels and abilities including Q-Ride courses.


Our team are highly qualified and know the in's and out's when it comes to motorcycles and safety.


Virginia QLD training location proudly servicing clients in the Brisbane region and beyond.


Our flexible days and times allow you to choose an option that suits you best for your training course.

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