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The main gear you will need to purchase is a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. Let us face it here if you are going to have an accident (And we hope you never do) you are generally going to put your foot down first, followed by a hand and then your head.  Whilst the only legal requirement is an approved helmet, all the additional riding gear will provide improved rider comfort and substantial additional protection in case of a fall and will drastically reduce the severity of injuries and therefore any time in hospital.

Even if your skills are above the average, we cannot allow for every situation on the road as we must face other motorists, the elements, and hazards of all types daily. So, without question – safety should come first.  Always wear all your protective gear and dress in case you slide….. not the ride. 

Helmet: Wearing a helmet is a legal requirement and reduces the risk of significant injury or in an accident.  An essential for all riders, a helmet should be your top priority when purchasing your first motorcycle.  There are a variety of styles including full face, open face, modular, and half shell.  Whilst all styles are legal, we strongly recommend wearing a full-face helmet to provide the maximum protection in the case of a fall and to protect form debris when riding.  Ensure good ventilation for those long sweltering summer days and always wear a clear visor at night.

Jackets: Ensuring your body is protected is an integral part of riding a motorcycle.  A specially designed motorcycle jacket usually falls into two categories – textile or leather and can help shield your arms and torso in an accident.  To aid in additional protection ensure you jacket has elbow, shoulder and back armour fitted.  Ensure your leather jacket is a motorcycle specific jacket as a normal leather jacket will not offer you the same protection and always do your jacket up.

Pants:  When it comes to protecting your lower body, specially designed motorcycle pants are key. Similarly, to jackets, pants also fall into either a textile, Kevlar Jean or leather category. Riding pants can reduce the impact of a dangerous fall by having hip and knee armour fitted and will also shield your thighs and backside during a slide.

Gloves:  As stated above one of the first thing you will put down in a fall is your hand to help break the fall.  When choosing gloves for riding make sure that they fit well and do not cut off your circulation or are to lose.  You need to ensure you have good dexterity to operate your controls in a smooth and efficient manner.  Not only will gloves better protect your hands and wrists, but they also keep your hands warm in the colder months which prevent your hands going numb thus assisting you to maintain control of your motorcycle. 

New gear can cost between $800 – $3,000 depending on where you source it, type of gear, brand names and personal style. For an independent perspective on most motorcycle gear visit 

Don’t ever purchase second-hand helmets and be weary of purchasing from overseas sites.

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