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Completing a Q-Ride Course


When you have demonstrated all of the competencies for the course, the we will issue you a Q-Ride competency declaration. Please be mindful that a Q-Ride competency declaration is not a licence. You must apply for and be issued the relevant motorcycle licence (learner, restricted or unrestricted) from Queensland Transport before you are authorised to learn to ride or ride that class of motorcycle unsupervised.

What to wear for your Q-Ride course

To undertake a Q-Ride course you must wear:

  • A helmet that complies with the Australian standards (AS/NZS1698 or AS1698), or the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe standard (ECE 22.05).
  • Eye protection.
  • Gloves providing appropriate protection.
  • Long sleeved shirt or jacket.
  • Long pants that completely cover your legs.
  • Fully enclosed shoes or boots.

What to ride

You must undertake a Q-Ride course on a two wheeled motorcycle that is not a moped. You will not be able to do a course on a trike as you cannot demonstrate all of the competencies required, as you could on a two-wheeled motorcycle.

If you are undertaking the pre-learner or restricted courses the motorcycle must be a learner approved motorcycle. If you are undertaking the unrestricted course the motorcycle must not be a learner approved motorcycle.

If you wish to undertake automatic license only please advise well in advance.

If you wish to obtain license on a three wheeled motorcycle such as an Can am Spyder with a special needs license these can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Q-SAFE riding tests

The Q-SAFE riding tests are designed to evaluate a person’s ability to ride safely and correctly, in different road situations. There are two Q-SAFE riding tests, one to obtain a class RE provisional or open licence and one to obtain a class R provisional or open licence.

You can undertake a Q-SAFE riding test, as an alternative to a Q-Ride course, if you live outside a 100km radius of a Q-Ride training area.

The requirements that apply to Q-Ride courses regarding what to wear, and what to ride also apply to the Q-SAFE riding tests.

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