Can I Ride A Motorbike On A Car Licence?


No, in Queensland you cannot ride a motorbike on a car licence. However, you are permitted to ride a 50cc Moped if you hold an Open Car licence. 

To legally ride a motorcycle in Queensland, you must have a motorcycle licence or learner permit.

Eligibility for licence:

If you have held your provisional or open car licence for at least 1 year, you can apply for a learner motorcycle licence. This licence will allow you to ride a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAMS) with an engine capacity of 660cc or less and a power to weight ratio of less than 150Kw per tonne.

To check if you are eligible to undertake the Pre Learner course visit: Check my Qride Eligibility 

Requirements as a Learner:

As a learner rider you must display a L-plate, be supervised by a rider who has held their RE O licence for at least 1 year. 

You must have a 0.0 Bac and are not permitted to carry a pillion passenger.

Licence journey:

To obtain a full motorcycle licence in Queensland, you must first hold a learner motorcycle licence for a minimum of three months. Then complete an online Motorcycle Hazard Perception Test (HPT) and then complete a Q-Ride Restricted motorbike training course and pass a practical riding test. 

On your Restricted licence you can ride unsupervised on a LAMS motorbike. You are required to hold the Restricted licence for 2 years before you can upgrade to an Un-restricted licence

Riding a motorcycle requires specific skills and knowledge, and obtaining a motorcycle licence ensures that you have received the appropriate training and education. At Motorcycle Rider Training Australia, we can provide all necessary training from an initial Learn to Ride, to Pre Learners and all the way through to Restricted and Unrestricted licenses.

We are fully accredited through the Department of Transport and Main Roads for the delivery of training and assessment for all Qride licenses.

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