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It is important for the motorcycle that one chooses to have unique features that correspond to their physical features. One of the ways to meet such a requirement is by picking a motorcycle that fits a person’s height. A person’s first motorcycle should be comfortable for them to ride. The height of the motorcycle determines its weight distribution on both sides and its ease of control while riding. Checking on this important aspect requires physical visits to a motorcycle dealer for trials on available models. There are different ways of determining the best height for your motorcycle. You can check the seat height and ease of reaching the ground while on the motorcycle as well as position of handlebars hand controls to ensure comfort and ease of control.

If you struggle to reach the ground you will more than likely struggle to handle this motorcycle at slow speeds, at a standstill and during manual manoeuvring. When riding the height isn’t as much of an issue as we can balance the motorcycle whilst at speed or slow riding, however we do need to stop eventually and the lack of ground contact can play havoc in different situations such as uneven ground or slippery roads, let alone the mental barriers of knowing you can barely reach the ground.

Motorcycles fall into different categories depending on the lifestyle of the riders. A person’s experience and the level of skill riding motorcycles play a significant role in determining the preferred model. But let us all be honest here; we all want a model that suits our lifestyle and more so our own personal style as a motorcycle is an extension of our personality.


The solution is to begin by knowing the kind of riding you’re going to want to do. That means knowing a little more about motorcycles than the average person. So, what type of riding are you planning to do?

Commuting: Whether it is travelling to work or university, having a motorcycle that is easy to manoeuvre and park are key attributes you should be looking for. Your motorcycle should be comfortable and suit your build, especially if you are travelling long distances.

Adventure: If you are a beginner, it is important to purchase a motorcycle you are capable of riding. New riders make the common mistake of picking a motorcycle that is too powerful and hard to handle. A motorcycle with longer suspension and a lighter frame is essential for adventure riding, empowering you to go off-road and on bumpy trails while maintaining control.

Leisure: Keen for a leisurely ride through the mountains or down the coast on the weekends? Style over comfort might be more of a consideration if you are using the motorcycle occasionally.


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