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Queensland Motorcycle Riders’ Guide


The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads have developed a very useful and informative guide for anyone who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle. We encourage anyone considering any of our courses to read through to gain a better understanding of requirements, safety and more.

The guide contains important information on getting a motorcycle licence, road rules, protective gear, low-risk riding tips and techniques, risk management and registering a motorcycle.

Motorcycling can be fun, economical and safe, but we have to recognise that motorcycle riders are among our most vulnerable road users.

In a crash motorcycle riders have less protection than drivers and have a greater chance of being killed or injured — motorcycle riders and their passengers are overrepresented in the Queensland road toll.

The motorcycle licensing system is designed to help you become a safe rider. Our aim is to make motorcycling a safe and enjoyable experience for those who choose to ride.

You can become a safer rider by getting the necessary skills, and understanding the road environment. You always need to ride sensibly and safely, be alert and defensive, anticipate and respond to the road environment, and accept that you are responsible for
your safety on the road.


Motorcycle Rider Training Australia – QRIDE – Brisbane

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