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Riding the wrong motorcycles may be extremely difficult to handle and pose a serious threat to the rider’s physical well-being.  Motorcycles that are an ill-fitting ergonomic fit may be overwhelming to control whilst riding. Failure to balance the motorcycle may lead to poor handling and at worse a fatal outcome for the rider.  Always ensure that when riding any of the distinctive styles of motorcycle one should always make sure that one can sit on the motorcycle with both feet comfortably on the ground.  Furthermore, the handlebars, hand and feet controls can all be adjusted on each style of motorcycle and should be adjusted according to the rider’s height, posture, leg and arm length.  This will ensure easier reach and correct operations of the controls whilst also improving rider comfort.  Reaching for levers or ill positioned handlebars can make the motorcycle extremely difficult to control and can develop poor riding behaviours. 


• Seat Height:  Most important to the experience of riding a motorcycle for a beginner is the ability to plant both feet on the ground.  Inexperienced riders will need this security, since managing the weight of the motorcycle can be tough at first.  If you can straddle it and touch the ground, you are in full control, which is a point of major security not to be overlooked on a maiden motorcycle purchase.

• Weight:  Usually heavier motorcycles have more displacement, which means larger engines.  The more cc’s (Cubic Centimetres) an engine has, the heavier it typically is.  This is not universal, but it is a start.  Normally the bigger you are, the more weight you can handle, but really, it’s best to go on feel.  Anything you ride that feels heavy at any point should be given a miss until you are confident about the machine you are handling.  Buying a huge motorcycle that terrifies you is a waste of a machine, and all your hard-earned dollars.

Keep in mind that even if something doesn’t fit perfectly, there’s a range of accessories and adjustments that can be made such as: handlebars, foot pegs, adjustable levers, low profile seats etc.

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