Restricted Q-Ride Motorbike License RE – 6:45am-2:30pm

The Q-Ride RE Licence course is for people who are ready to upgrade from their motorcycle learners licence to their restricted motorcycle licence.

We ask you to please arrive on time to ensure we can start on time.

Ensure you have completed Motorcycle Hazard Perception Test PRIOR to course date. 

Training days:

  • 06:45am-2:30pm every Wednesday AND Saturday 
  • Occasional Sundays 06:45am – 2:30pm
  • +$25 for Saturdays
  • +$50 for Sundays


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Product Details

  1. The second step to getting your motorbike licence.

The Restricted Motorcycle Licence course is a mandatory 1 day Q-Ride competency-based training and assessment program. Students need to complete the Restricted Motorcycle Licence course to be eligible to upgrade from a Motorcycle Learners licence (RE L) to a Restricted Motorbike Licence (RE O).

  • If you currently have your motorcycle learners licence (RE L) and are wanting to upgrade to your restricted licence (RE O), this course is for you
  • This course is suitable for riders who have some on-road riding experience and can confidently ride a bike
  • To be eligible for this course you are required to have held your motorbike learners licence for 91 days, unless you obtained your learners prior to October 1st 2016; in which case you are eligible to book this course at any time.
  • All learner motorcycle licence holders must pass the motorcycle hazard perception test ***BEFORE*** they can take the Q-Ride RE Course. You can take the test at any stage during your learner licence period. The hazard perception test will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes, you will need at least that amount of time connected to the internet.

If you have not already completed the Hazard Perception Test, please CLICK HERE.

The Restricted licence course is a competency based training and assessment program designed to help learner riders further develop their riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills

  1. QRide Exercises:
    • Figure 8’s – turn at a low speed with control
    • Slow Ride – control the bike at a slow walking pace
    • Slalom – weave around obstacles
    • Controlled stop – bring the bike to a smooth stop whilst downshifting
    • Swerve – similar to slalom, however faster
    • Emergency stop – stop quickly and smoothly with total control
  2. Road Ride
    • You will complete a simulated road ride prior to a 2 hour road ride where the aim is to develop your riding skills and ensure you have the skills and knowledge to respond to potential hazards
  • 1 Day (7.5 hours)
  • 2 Consecutive Days (4 hours per day).
    To complete the course over 2 shorter days, you must book the 2 sessions on consecutive days.

Once you have successfully completed the course and are deemed competent your competency declaration will be processed online and you will be able to apply for your Restricted (RE O) licence online or, you can apply in person at the Department of Transport. You are required to hold the Restricted licence for a minimum of 2 years before you are eligible to upgrade to your Unrestricted (R) bike licence


Please ensure you are wearing the correct PPE:

  • You must wear long pants/jeans, socks that cover your ankles and enclosed shoes (runners are fine) (NO STEEL CAP BOOTS)
  • You will need a helmet, gloves & jacket – or if needed, we can provide these for you
  • If your License is an International Transfer, we STRONGLY recommend you do a 1on1 Lesson first to ensure you are up to Q-ride standard for your RE assessment course.

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